About us

The Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatology (PSAD) was established in 1999 on the initiative of a few dermatologists with a long-standing interest in aesthetic skin problems. Today we are perceived as a strong body of specialists dealing with dermatology and aesthetic medicine, as well as anti-aging prevention. Most of us run private clinics, where treatments are performed using the most modern, internationally acknowledged methods of treatment.
Since the beginning, we have been very active in national and international forums.
For years, we have represented Poland in the European Society of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology (ESCAD). In 2022 we started a scientific partnership with IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science), in 2023 we were invited to be a scientific partner of AMWC.
We are invited as lecturers at international congresses. We actively participate in prestigious conferences and workshops, and we pass on the knowledge and experience we have gained during our training courses.
The Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatology organizes international congresses, scientific conferences, symposia and workshops. PSAD is one of the founders of the Anti-Aging Medicine Foundation.
Many years of training experience have resulted in the creation of the International Anti-Aging Medicine Training Center in Warsaw under the auspices of the Foundation. The Center’s 2-year aesthetic medicine education program, implemented since 2009, includes hundreds of hours of theoretical classes and hands-on workshops. Graduates of the course are prepared to work independently and run their practices. An additional one-year educational program in anti-aging medicine prepares doctors for a multidisciplinary approach to preventing aging and delaying the development of aging-related diseases.

Board of Directors

Ewa Kaniowska MD, PhD

PSAD President

Kinga Nicer MD

PSAD Vice president

Krystyna Pawełczyk-Pala MD

PSAD Vice president

Elżbieta Kowalska-Olędzka MD, PhD

PSAD Vice president

Audit Committee


Monika Nunberg-Sawicka MD

Marzena Lorkowska Precht

Marzena Lorkowska-Precht MD

Olga Warszawik Hendzel

Olga Warszawik-Hendzel MD, PhD

Scientific Partners

International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS)

We are very pleased to announce that the Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatology was once again a partner of one of the most important events in the field of aesthetic medicine – the IMCAS 2024 Congress. The invitation to cooperate with IMCAS is a great honor for us. We are so far the only Polish partner of IMCAS. As part of the partnership, we co-organize sessions – us in Paris, IMCAS in Warsaw. We are proud that once again IMCAS has accepted the scientific patronage of the XXIV International Congress of Aesthetic Dermatology and Anti-aging Medicine in Warsaw.
Started in 1994 as a small discussion between 50 European physicians, IMCAS congresses are medical research conferences focused on providing doctors with the latest academic and industry updates for their professional progress in the aesthetic field.
Each and every edition is dedicated to the interdisciplinary research of aesthetic medicine, with a scientific program built to bring the highest quality of education to more than 15,000 attendees (2023).

Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC)


It is with great pride that we would like to announce that the Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatology, representing Polish doctors involved in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, has become a scientific partner of the AMWC. Appreciating the role of our association and its members in creation of aesthetic medicine in Poland, a 20% discount on the registration fee for this year’s XXII AMWC Monaco Congress has been offered. The condition for obtaining this discount is active membership in the Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatology.
AMWC 2024 – the XXII Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, an annual event focusing on continuing education for doctors of various specialties involved in aesthetic medicine, will be held in Monaco from 27-29.03. 2024.
The scientific committee includes doctors from Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The program is overseen by the The Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS)., which is a comprehensive educational platform with access to seminars, presentations, discussion forums. The mission of the AMS is to disseminate quality knowledge about aesthetic and anti-aging medicine on a global scale, because the deepening of knowledge and sharing of experiences is essential to create positive changes in good practice, techniques used, serving the welfare of the patient. The AMS scientific committee includes recognized experts representing various specialties involved in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, etc.
The AMS currently has 17,000 members from 154 countries.
AMS oversees the scientific programs of leading aesthetic medicine conferences around the world, such as AMWC , FACE, ICAD, CAPP, VISAGE.


Agnieszka Zemke-Górecka, PhD, advocate
Expert in medical law at the PSAD

Member of the Parliamentary Group for Aesthetic Medicine, member of the Supreme Bar Council, ass. professor at the Faculty of Law at UwB, author of dozens of publications on civil and medical law. Chair of the Provincial Commission for Adjudication of Medical Events from 2011-2016, Dean of the ORA in Bialystok (2016-2021), President of the Mediation Center at the NRA (2019-2022).

Michał Gajda, advocate
Attorney for legal affairs of the PSAD
Graduate of Szczecin University, Pomeranian Medical University and Jagiellonian University. He completed postgraduate studies in medical law and criminal fiscal and economic law. He is among the few attorneys specializing in medical law who hold a university degree in this field. In addition to providing ongoing services to medical entities, he undertakes cases of so-called medical errors, representing medics in civil, criminal and disciplinary cases. He is a member of the Expert Council of the Parliamentary Group for Aesthetic Medicine, a lecturer at the Pomeranian Medical University, a speaker at medical conferences and author of publications in national professional media.